Bring Your Class to Copper Creek Farm!

Copper Creek Farm is the perfect location to take your kiddos on a field trip. Parents and children alike love our hands-on approach to educating students on farming and it’s importance in the world today. Not only do they learn a thing or two, but they also always have fun doing it!



What Do Students Do?

Typically, we have students rotate through different, guided, educational stations. Students will get to choose a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch to take home with them, all the while learning how the pumpkin grows.


They will get to take a fun little hayride around the farm, learning how the corn grows and other fun facts about farming. Our guides will take students on a stroll through the corn maze, and see milking demonstrations in the Dairy Barn. If you aren’t too squeamish, it’s an incredibly interesting process! They have the opportunity to visit the barnyard animals, to see the animated Chicken Show, and to learn about wild fur on the farm. There’s so much for them to see and do, they’ll be raving about this field trip for months! They’re favorite exhibit though, we guarantee, will be the Monster Pumpkin Cannon and Pig Races!


Come see us for a field trip that your students will not only learn something from, but actually enjoy, too!


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