Fall into the Spirit of the Season!

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. It’s the perfect time to really plan some fun, family activities, since the weather is cooling off and there will be less time spent outside. We love all the colors that fall brings with it, and all the fun (indoor) activities that you can do! So, we’re going to give you some ideas on some crafts that you and your little (or medium even) ones can do together this fall.


Of course, pumpkin carving or decorating is at the top of the list. If you need any ideas, we’ve got you covered!


Baking is always fun, and there are simple recipes out there that even your mini-me can help you with. There are all kinds of special holiday goodies you can make, like a cake graveyard with cookie headstones. You can make some Halloween cookies, or even some Halloween Cake-pops! Or, if Halloween really isn’t your thing, there are still tons of fall themed cookies and decorations you can try out!

DCF 1.0

Create some fall themed vases, for flowers or for candles. You can also create Mason jar Luminaries that look like pumpkins!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Clean glass jars (they don’t really HAVE to be Mason Jars.)
-Rubbing alcohol
-Acrylic craft paint
-Paintbrushes (flat brush and liner brush)
-Sharpie marker
-Glaze (I use Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze)
-Tea lights or LED tea lights
-Long handled lighter for your tea lights

Here’s what you’ll do:

-Wash the jars with soapy water and make sure they are rinsed well. Make sure they don’t have any soap residue.
-Next, rinse them with rubbing alcohol and let them air dry.
-Once the jars are dry, make sure your fingers are clean so they don’t transfer any oils to the glass (that can cause issues with the paint adhering.)
-Now, add one layer of acrylic craft paint on the outside of each jar. One layer is accurate because you want to the light to shine through.
-You can use regular paper or cardboard to make stencils, or just free hand them if you want!
-You can either color in the face with sharpies, or paint it in as well.
-Now is when you’d pain the rim whatever color you’d like. Then let them all dry for about half an hour.
-Spray with glaze, waiting 20 minutes between coats. Using a few coats would be best. Let the jars dry for several hours.
-After they’ve dried completely, place your tea lights or LED lights in them and enjoy how adorable they are!


Create a fall garland with leaves and pinecones, and hang it up around the house to really get you into the fall spirit!


Painting is always a good craft to do (especially finger painting!) The tried-and-true hand turkey is always a good one. Kids will most likely do those in school, but you can put your own special twist on it. If you do enjoy Halloween, trace your child’s body on a large piece of paper (which can typically be found at any craft store) and let them decorate themselves with a Halloween costume! It’s been our experience that children love that activity. (It’s good for decorating paper Christmas trees too.)


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