Seizing the Turkey!


In the spirit of the holiday season coming up, and while you wait for December and our Christmas at the Farm, we’ve got a few Thanksgiving craft ideas for you to try at home with the kiddos! We’ve tried these ourselves and they’ve all been a big hit.


Footprint Turkey

This one, and the one with the hand print, are always winners. Kids loving getting to play in paint, and not getting in trouble for it! You’ll need paint, construction paper, and some googly eyes. Oh yeah, and some glue! We suggest drawing and cutting the turkey feathers and the beak out before hand, and letting your kiddo glue them to the paper. First, you’ll want to paint the bottom of your child’s foot, and then let them stamp it on a piece of paper. Once it’s dry, glue the feathers on, followed by the beak and the eyes. If you want to make it even more fun for your tiny one, let their handprints be the feathers. You’ll want to do that before the footprint.


Handprint Turkey

This craft has the same premise as the footprint turkey, just with their hands of course. You probably remember doing these as a child in school, as most children probably did and still do. With this cute picture, all you’ll need is a hand. Now we’ve done this two different ways in our house. Paint the hand and stamp the paper, and then paint over it with the colors we want, or paint the hand the colors and then stamp the paper. We’ve also really enjoyed just letting the kids choose how they want to decorate it, whether different colored paints, adding feathers or sequins, or anything else to their masterpiece. Here are a few other ideas to do with paper and paints.

Thankful Turkey Book

We found this idea a few years ago, and the kids really enjoy it. We also think it’s great to remember what we’re thankful for too, especially around this time of year. Of course, at the top of that list would be time to spend and enjoy with our kiddos. The holidays are perfect for that, with school being out and family being gathered. What more could you ask for? does a great job of laying out step-by-step instructions on how to do this.


Pinecone Turkey

On old favorite of mine from when I was a kid, way back when, was the pinecone turkey. My Nana would collect a few pinecones for me, and we’d save up some popsicle sticks to glue on. I’d always decorate them with glitter and sequins, and then she’d glue them to the cone. She’d glue the eyes and a small piece of yellow fabric on for the beak, and she’d leave them out as decorations when the family would come over for Thanksgiving dinner. I was always so proud of those! Many people use those colored pipe cleaners instead of popsicle sticks, and those are a great idea too!


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