Holiday Traditions with Copper Creek Farm

Families from all over the world will be coming together these next few weeks and embarking on their annual holiday traditions. Every family has one, if not a few, that can be expected every year, and are often times remembered fondly. We may not always like our family, but we always love them and getting together every once in awhile is truly a great feeling.

Some new families might just be starting out in their traditions, and some might be retiring a few for whatever reason. We’ve decided that over the next few weeks, leading up to Christmas, we’re going to share some of our favorite holiday traditions with all of you! We know you’re waiting in anticipation for Christmas at Copper Creek, so we hope sharing our traditions will keep you in the spirit until the day is finally here! (They day happens to be Dec. 4, in case you might have forgot.)



“When I was just a kid, my mom would always let my brother and I open one gift on Christmas Eve. She would have to pick, but we’d get so excited to get to have Christmas just a little early, even if it was only a tiny part in the grand scheme. She’d put on some Christmas music and start to clean the kitchen, as if to just torture us and make us wait a little longer. After dinner, we’d go sit in front of the tree and wait for her to finish cleaning the kitchen, wondering which one she would pick for us. Of course, we always hoped it was the biggest one, we were so curious as to what it could be! And of course, it was never the biggest one. She’d save those for the next day. We picked up on the realization after a few years that it was always going to be a pair of Christmas themed pajamas and a Christmas movie that we would end up watching that night before bed. It ended up becoming a game to my brother and I and each year we’d try to guess what movie it was, or what our pajamas might look like. To this day, it’s still a tradition with our kids.” 

Doesn’t that sound like such a sweet memory? And who doesn’t love a new pair of pajamas?! This holiday tradition is actually a very popular one, and you can find variations of it on all kinds of holiday lists. Some parents do it with books rather than movies, and some do a blanket instead of pajamas. Whatever way it’s done, you can rest assured that it will be a happy memory to reflect on each year.


“Every year for Christmas when I was younger, ‘Santa’ would put a few scratch off lottery tickets in my stocking. Some were winners, some weren’t, and one year I even won $100 off of one! I thought I was rich! Of course, I can buy those scratch offs whenever I want now, but as a child, it was such a treat every year to have those. It was the only time we were allowed to and we thought it was the coolest thing. I do it with my kids now, and even though I’m old enough, ‘Santa’ still brings me a few too.”

We wonder how much he actually ended up making off of all those scratch offs.


Stay tuned for next week’s blog post when we’ll share more fun, sweet, and random holiday traditions. Share your favorite holiday traditions below! 
We’d also like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you get to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, family and friends, and that you have many things to be thankful for this year, and each year to come.



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