Making Holiday Memories

We are nearing the beginning of Christmas at Copper Creek Farm and we couldn’t be more excited to share in this holiday fun with you! We are one week away from the first day of our Christmas events Dec. 4, and we hope to see your smiling faces there

Get ready to chat with Santa, see all the colorful bright lights, recieve your certificate for being on the nice list from Santa’s elf, ride the Christmas ponies, and so much more. Everyone is going to leave our farm really feeling the Christmas spirit.


If you recall from our last blog, we’ve been talking about our holiday traditions in hopes that we can get you in the holiday spirit just in time for our Christmas on the farm. We had two fun memories shared with us last time, and we’ll be sharing a few more over the next few weeks, right up until Christmas. Some new families might just be starting out in their traditions, and some might be retiring a few for whatever reason, so we wanted to share ours with you and maybe give you a few ideas, or just take you to back in time to a happy memory.


“Every year, right after Thanksgiving, we would have a little holiday party for just us; my siblings, myself and my parents. Mom would put on the Christmas music and start baking her famous holiday cookies, along with dinner, and my siblings and I would run around the house looking for where they’ve hidden the gifts. We never found them, I imagine because they hadn’t been bought just yet, and then we’d all get together after dinner to decorate the tree. We always fought over who got to put on the Angel at the top, but we alternated every year. And every year, the one who got to top the tree was always the most special, hence the fighting over it every year. One the tree was decorated, we’d put on “A Christmas Story” (a movie that my mom absolutely hated but my dad loved) and all wrap presents for the rest of the family that we would soon be seeing. We watch that movie every year, even now, and I try to keep the same holiday party alive with my family, though I could never nail down how my mom made those darn cookies so good. I keep trying every year though!” 

We’ve been told that the movie mentioned above is one that people either love or hate. There’s no inbetween. I think we’re all pretty torn on that debate. Some of us hate it, some of of us love it, so I guess they are right (whoever they are!) Decorating the tree is always so much fun, especially when there’s hot cocoa or eggnog involved!


“My father was in the military so we moved around a lot. Every year, we’d get a new tree ornament to commemorate where we were living at the time. If we didn’t move, we’d all pick one out that symbolized something important to us that year, whether it was adopting a new family member (that happens a lot with military brats, especially during deployment) or learning something new that year. Our tree soon became full of these important moments from our lives and became so much more than just a Christmas tree. It became a way to celebrate our lives together as a family and reminisce on all of our experiences together. We still do that now, even though Dad is retired. We’ve added quite a few new family members since then, and gotten ornaments now from the few places we hadn’t gone when we were younger. I hope my kids continue this tradition when they start their own families.”  

We just can’t get over this story. How beautiful is that to think of the tree as a way of celebrating a life together? A way to physically see all that a family has accomplished and overcome together. After all, that’s what holidays should center around anyway, right? Family, love, and togetherness. That’s why we take so much pride in our Christmas at the farm and other events, because we want to help you create these kinds of memories. We can’t wait to start doing that with you on Dec. 4! 



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